A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!

I suppose this post is a thank you to WordPressers and WordPress itself, the only website aside from Tumblr to give me notifications when I hit a certain target for likes, follows and posts. Especially as those notifications contain medals which appeal to the colour-drive stimuli in my brain! Now, if there were only a way to use them…!

Trying to be resourceful and a bit of a culture vulture where I can, I couldn’t let symbols so shiny go to waste. So I’ve incorporated them into a teaser for the new A4 book I’ve been working on, due for release by the end of this month (at the latest – otherwise as fast as I can put together the finishing touches!).

10Double on WordPress

Now holding my awards (and the reason I love you people very much indeed) are two mysterious characters driven by the power of imagination. Can you run a service to remedy manifest nightmares, when the service technically doesn’t exist? And can you work for a master when you technically don’t know who it is – or who you are, for that matter? These two characters will help us explore those questions in Cracked Pins: a detective-esque fantasy which will be released in episodes combined with Manga artwork by my co-writer and awesomely talented buddy W. Smith. This piece is also about imagination – utilizing it, fighting it and discovering it. And, most curiously of all, finding out whether ancient civilizations shrouded in rumours of extraordinary powers  really exist, as three amateur Archaeologists take their brains for a spin on an expedition to Dartmoor…

I also have this image to share:

20 Likes on WordPress

Simply because I adore the little fuzzy critter in the corner! This is from Candle House, which is currently on sale at Etsy, in storybook format for younger children. Now, what’s hiding behind that glowing circle…?

In my final piece of news for this evening, I can now confirm my first illustration and storytelling workshop ever! It will be based at the Library in Royal Wootton Bassett on Wednesday 29th October, at 6.30pm. It’ll be completely free and I’m looking forward to seeing people there, regardless of age, sharing in a fun and welcoming atmosphere of creative potential. 

Anyway, time to pack my bags as I’ll be away this weekend, sketchbooks in tow no less!

Hope everyone has a grand weekend and look forward to sharing more previews of Cracked Pins with you when I come back. 🙂

Lots of exciting news today! Let’s have a low-down:

Firstly, I now have an illustration and storytelling workshop confirmed for Wootton Bassett Library, my Wiltshire hometown, in the October holidays. A date is being decided, but I will absolutely be there!

Secondly, I have a second Arts Sale confirmed, this time in my current University haunt of Plymouth on the 30th August! It’s based in Newton Ferrers (PL8 1JA) from 1pm on said day, should you want to come and join us. It’ll be awesome to meet more artists from the area!

Thirdly – this is somewhat news, as they’ve been supporting me for over a week now – but I would like to send a big pointy sign to The White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough, as they’ve allowed me to have advertisement flyers at the counter in their shop. It’s full of lovely arty supplies, including a large range of sketchbooks and pens to go with them, as well as paints, canvasses, books and a range of craft workshops. Do go over and check them out! I’m not the only one advertised there too, so you’ll find all sorts of interesting leaflets there… 😉

More details on all of the above coming soon. For now, though, back to finalising the sequel to FUDGE, and getting the next video ad done! 🙂

It’s a poster! It’s blue! It’s from Dame Hannah Rogers!

Afternoon! I’ve been supplied by this snazzy image from Dame Hannah “DiscoverHannahs” Rogers regarding their exciting Arts Boot Sale, arriving on the 7th September at Newton Abbot! I’ll be there getting to know more artists (and customers, is the plan!), and getting more cartoon features on the road – by which time there will be new releases! Artists there contribute to the charity, so it’s all for a good cause.


A somewhat excitable update from rainy weekends…

Arrow Pen 2

Good evening! It’s all gone a little quiet here, but I’m currently scribbling furiously to get a handful of projects done and dusted for autumn-ish release.

First is the sequel to FUDGE which if you buy you will see previewed on the last page! That’s due for release in October, and in the meantime there’ll be another video for FUDGE on its way before the next cat caper swaggers onto the stage.

Coming up sooner in the future is a collaborative piece intended for an older audience than the above comic (when I say adult I mean in topic, rather than sexual content/drugs/violence!), set in the modern day with fantasy twists and some convention shake-ups. I’m extremely excited about this one since it’s been worked on for over a year – over a year, I tell you! And there are three video previews in process. It’ll be a serial made up of issues, which are close to becoming books in themselves… so plenty to get your teeth into, I hope.

Continuing on from my autism posts, this fantasy piece also has some elements of realizing unique potential and overcoming hidden challenges in a visually pleasing way – or that’s the plan! I’m working full-tilt to get it done; looking at end of August or September for release but will let you know when I do…!

I can’t wait to share all this stuff with you to see what you think. Though I promise to take all feedback as helpful – I’d rather try and improve my work than get overtly defensive over it. I put heart and soul into this stuff, but there’ll be more where that came from!

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a pen that, funnily enough, is encouraging me to hit all those targets. It being an arrow is highly useful!

How drawing has helped me with my autism: a picture presentation!

In light of my recent success at Mermaid and Miller, I’ve been encouraged to speak more openly about how my cartooning and graphic novel writing has helped me with my autism. So, as per usual, a snazzy poster-like device was required! ^_^

There are two projects which I’m currently close to finishing, so there will be trailers and posters for them coming very soon. Keep your eyes well looked after for when the time comes…!

Thank you all for your support so far 🙂

JakSpeedy about Autism

Selling at the Arts Boot Sale, in support of Dame Hannah Rogers, this September!


Afternoon all,
I’ll be promoting and selling a fresh batch of comic books down at the wonderful Arts Boots Sale in Newton Abbot on the 7th September. Click on the link for location and times!

It’s all in aid of DiscoverHannahs (Dame Hannah Rogers), who do fantastic educational support for those with special educational needs. Which means I’ll be donating money to the cause to put my stall up! I’ll also have exclusive work for the Art Boot Sale there with me, so catch it while you can!

Looking forward to a day of arty discovery…!

Remembrance Illustration

Though I’ve been celebrating on this page today, it’s also vital not to forget that today is also about reflection and remembrance. For those whose lives were lost during the First World War and the impact it had on all those around them, we owe our remembrance to them and a hope that, together, we can stop conflict on a scale as impossible to comprehend – as this war was in its era – taking place again. I’ve placed this sketch on the local memorial in Royal Wootton Bassett (unless it needs to be removed), along with a poppy, as my own way of remembering those who were lost. May they rest in our memory.Lest We Forget


I can now announce that my comic books will now be stocked by the Mermaid and Miller, in York!

During a visit to family up in that beautifully nature-filled part of the country, I took my batch of comics with me in case anyone was interested. Luckily for me, these lovely people have said they’re willing to have them in their shop!

The Mermaid and Miller are especially awesome as they stock art from people with mental health conditions and learning difficulties. I’ve been pretty quiet about my autism on here until now (I’ve spent a lot of time at Uni promoting autism awareness, but didn’t feel quite ready to say it here right away), but the guys made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to explain to them how my drawing has helped me overcome a lot of issues with eye contact, as well as a therapy when things have got too much.

Things are still being set up, but Fudge will be on sale there very soon indeed. A huge thank you to everyone supporting me so far – to finally have something I’ve drawn in a shop after so many years is an incredible feeling.