I can now announce that my comic books will now be stocked by the Mermaid and Miller, in York!

During a visit to family up in that beautifully nature-filled part of the country, I took my batch of comics with me in case anyone was interested. Luckily for me, these lovely people have said they’re willing to have them in their shop!

The Mermaid and Miller are especially awesome as they stock art from people with mental health conditions and learning difficulties. I’ve been pretty quiet about my autism on here until now (I’ve spent a lot of time at Uni promoting autism awareness, but didn’t feel quite ready to say it here right away), but the guys made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to explain to them how my drawing has helped me overcome a lot of issues with eye contact, as well as a therapy when things have got too much.

Things are still being set up, but Fudge will be on sale there very soon indeed. A huge thank you to everyone supporting me so far – to finally have something I’ve drawn in a shop after so many years is an incredible feeling. 


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