A somewhat excitable update from rainy weekends…

Arrow Pen 2

Good evening! It’s all gone a little quiet here, but I’m currently scribbling furiously to get a handful of projects done and dusted for autumn-ish release.

First is the sequel to FUDGE which if you buy you will see previewed on the last page! That’s due for release in October, and in the meantime there’ll be another video for FUDGE on its way before the next cat caper swaggers onto the stage.

Coming up sooner in the future is a collaborative piece intended for an older audience than the above comic (when I say adult I mean in topic, rather than sexual content/drugs/violence!), set in the modern day with fantasy twists and some convention shake-ups. I’m extremely excited about this one since it’s been worked on for over a year – over a year, I tell you! And there are three video previews in process. It’ll be a serial made up of issues, which are close to becoming books in themselves… so plenty to get your teeth into, I hope.

Continuing on from my autism posts, this fantasy piece also has some elements of realizing unique potential and overcoming hidden challenges in a visually pleasing way – or that’s the plan! I’m working full-tilt to get it done; looking at end of August or September for release but will let you know when I do…!

I can’t wait to share all this stuff with you to see what you think. Though I promise to take all feedback as helpful – I’d rather try and improve my work than get overtly defensive over it. I put heart and soul into this stuff, but there’ll be more where that came from!

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a pen that, funnily enough, is encouraging me to hit all those targets. It being an arrow is highly useful!


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