Lots of exciting news today! Let’s have a low-down:

Firstly, I now have an illustration and storytelling workshop confirmed for Wootton Bassett Library, my Wiltshire hometown, in the October holidays. A date is being decided, but I will absolutely be there!

Secondly, I have a second Arts Sale confirmed, this time in my current University haunt of Plymouth on the 30th August! It’s based in Newton Ferrers (PL8 1JA) from 1pm on said day, should you want to come and join us. It’ll be awesome to meet more artists from the area!

Thirdly – this is somewhat news, as they’ve been supporting me for over a week now – but I would like to send a big pointy sign to The White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough, as they’ve allowed me to have advertisement flyers at the counter in their shop. It’s full of lovely arty supplies, including a large range of sketchbooks and pens to go with them, as well as paints, canvasses, books and a range of craft workshops. Do go over and check them out! I’m not the only one advertised there too, so you’ll find all sorts of interesting leaflets there… 😉

More details on all of the above coming soon. For now, though, back to finalising the sequel to FUDGE, and getting the next video ad done! 🙂


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