A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!

I suppose this post is a thank you to WordPressers and WordPress itself, the only website aside from Tumblr to give me notifications when I hit a certain target for likes, follows and posts. Especially as those notifications contain medals which appeal to the colour-drive stimuli in my brain! Now, if there were only a way to use them…!

Trying to be resourceful and a bit of a culture vulture where I can, I couldn’t let symbols so shiny go to waste. So I’ve incorporated them into a teaser for the new A4 book I’ve been working on, due for release by the end of this month (at the latest – otherwise as fast as I can put together the finishing touches!).

10Double on WordPress

Now holding my awards (and the reason I love you people very much indeed) are two mysterious characters driven by the power of imagination. Can you run a service to remedy manifest nightmares, when the service technically doesn’t exist? And can you work for a master when you technically don’t know who it is – or who you are, for that matter? These two characters will help us explore those questions in Cracked Pins: a detective-esque fantasy which will be released in episodes combined with Manga artwork by my co-writer and awesomely talented buddy W. Smith. This piece is also about imagination – utilizing it, fighting it and discovering it. And, most curiously of all, finding out whether ancient civilizations shrouded in rumours of extraordinary powers  really exist, as three amateur Archaeologists take their brains for a spin on an expedition to Dartmoor…

I also have this image to share:

20 Likes on WordPress

Simply because I adore the little fuzzy critter in the corner! This is from Candle House, which is currently on sale at Etsy, in storybook format for younger children. Now, what’s hiding behind that glowing circle…?

In my final piece of news for this evening, I can now confirm my first illustration and storytelling workshop ever! It will be based at the Library in Royal Wootton Bassett on Wednesday 29th October, at 6.30pm. It’ll be completely free and I’m looking forward to seeing people there, regardless of age, sharing in a fun and welcoming atmosphere of creative potential. 

Anyway, time to pack my bags as I’ll be away this weekend, sketchbooks in tow no less!

Hope everyone has a grand weekend and look forward to sharing more previews of Cracked Pins with you when I come back. 🙂


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