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Hello all! Long time, no post… but this Wednesday is one for the diaries!

If you’re around the Royal Wootton Bassett area this Wednesday evening, I’ll be running my first ever cartooning and illustration workshop at Royal Wootton Basset Library, exploring how we can use the creative medium to face our fears – entry is free and it would be fantastic to share my soul craft with you. Starts at 6:30pm! 🙂

BLOG ACTION DAY – The Source of Silence

JakSpeedy BlogActionDay 2014

This is the image I want to share with you for Blog Action Day, exploring the topic of inequality.

Over recent months I have received lots of emails and post regarding inequality from groups I follow, including Holocaust Educational Trust, Change.org, Avaaz, 38 Degrees, Oxfam, Amnesty, NSPCC and so on. In receiving so many emails it can be difficult to know how to support each of them, and the amount of injustice around us can be overwhelming to the point that we don’t know what to do. Then, with four appeal letters on my table, it hit me: most often the connection between these discrimination cases is not the victim, but the attitudes of the perpetrators. It’s the way these perpetrators don’t listen, use aggression to force victims into silence, and make them feel like there can’t be a chance to speak out without consequences. I hope this double page spread, collaborating these four letters into one disjointed narrative, explains this.

As a result, I’m planning a new graphic novel which will look at how a group of young people survive and form their own voices in a fictional, secretly totalitarian regime. I hope this and the graphic novel might help change perspectives for those who think inequality can’t be significantly lessened…!


CRACKED PINS/The LIFTERS – Available to order online!!


Cracked Pins/Lifters collaboration is now online! 🙂 I’ve also reinstated Fudge’s listing, as Etsy kindly reminded me of its presence by removing it. But hey ho! My shop has been revived to it’s former glory. Remember to check out my co-writer’s blog, if you haven’t yet! >>


Video Post! a.k.a The One with the Panda

Celebrating the reprint of Lifters/Cracked Pins this week – coming to Etsy tomorrow! Plus a little exploration of trying to capture realistic humour in characters.

This is something I’ve had to grasp throughout getting a handle on my Autism – originally, my humour was very exaggerated and often laboured, but by focusing on what was said and done around me that made me laugh, rather than the humour in literature or on TV (which has already been recreated), I was able to capture how to make my characters hold organic jokes or awkward moments between each other.

And hey, a lot of it was also picking up the awkward moments I had that made people laugh the most – and stopping myself from being too embarrassed by putting it into stories!

I hope this vlog post explains all of that in a far less wordy way…!