I can very much echo Grady here in saying that my Creative Writing tutors have done a serious amount for my writing. Whether graphic novels or prose, I’ve always set out to challenge myself – challenging subjects, unexplored characters – and that used to lead me down complex paths which lacked clarity and coherence. Now, mastering the economy of words and the power of imagery, I feel much more confident in writing about such things and going deeper than before – describing a lot in a little is not to be underestimated! Though not everyone can have someone mentoring their writing, I’ll certainly try to share some lessons in the future… or if anyone ever wants something looking over, feel free to message me! Thanks for the post, Grady, very thoughtful 🙂

Grady P Brown - Author

Every writer has their own unique writing style in order to portray their story to their readers. Some focus on the emotions of their characters, others illustrate the scenery of their setting, and others elaborate on the sounds that can be heard on every corner. Over the years, my writing style has been largely self-taught and later refined by my mentor, Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg. At first, my writing style focuses on details surrounding the emotions, scenery, and sounds in order to give my readers a vivid picture of what is happening in my story. Also, I discovered how to structure paragraphs and dialogue all on my own. Later, after learning from Dr. Meinberg throughout high school, my writing style evolved to the point in which I could describe what needed to be described without using too many sentences. Most recently, as a result of my screenwriting class, I also…

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