My Birthday Present… to You!

Birthdays are days of giving, and usually it’s the person who receives gifts – but as I receive lots of lovely support from my followers, friends and family, for my birthday this year I feel merrily obliged to give something back to you!

Previously I’ve printed them for arts sales and such, but now you can read my first book FUDGE online for free, and now, at damn long last, MARTY is also free to read online after a major hiccup to his intended debut in October. Unwrap them here:

The SPEEDYCAT Trilogy: Home of the FUDGE, MARTY and WILBUR Biogfurries

To top the cake with a cherry I’m also pleased to announce ‘WILBUR’, the third and final cat I’d like to showcase in illustrated form, will be sneaking onto the new SPEEDYCAT page in the new year, and will, like his furry ancestors before him, be absolutely free to read about!

Also look out for little extras that I’ll be uploading, such as bios for recurring characters like DCI Hannah ‘Hans’ Tunnock and videos for all three cartoons. My craft is a work in progress, by all means, but I hope this can be a nice li’l gift for all you lovely people this summer’s day.

Thank you for your attention, always and ever! ❤


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