Dedicated remix for Jaz & the Genesis created!

While continuing to finish the second part of Jaz & the Genesis, I’ve done so with a dedicated playlist which I’ve now made into a trial DJ Mix, encouraged by friends and family into trying it out. I’ve also kindly been allowed to post it on the University Radio page where I tried hosting a show for a little while….!

I hope this satiates while I gathering more drawing speed again. There’s lots coming soon!

Close but no cigar…! Jaz & the Genesis to be release tomorrow after unexpected stuff.

With three minutes to the midnight hour, it’s safe to say I’ve missed the intended release date for Jaz & the Genesis due to postgraduate things of various sorts today – although I got damn close! I’m four pages away from finishing the final stage – turning my scribbled writing into legible font. So, safe to say, I will return to my task tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and post it up over the weekend.

Nearly but not quite

Lesson learnt – no more setting myself release dates, as I seem to be terrible at accommodating for the unexpected! It’ll be progress updates from now on.