“The Stranger, Mr. Whitfield” – Forming the Playlist I

The best kind of writing leads you to discover new things you love – and this writing project is already treating me.

During November each day I’ll be (re)writing two months’ worth of biographical history, so as per NaNoWriMo’s recommendation I set about making a playlist to help trigger ideas. As I was something of a moth to a gig during my Undergraduate years, it made sense to figure out which bands my parallel self might’ve gone to see in Swansea as a student; this would include figuring out which ones from my real timeline I still would’ve gone too and where I would’ve gone somewhere entirely new.

So far the latter has been a pleasent challenge – insofar as searching back through gig listings and reviews from five years ago can lead you down a labyrinth of dud webpages and weird adverts, but when I’ve found gigs that have happened in the area that would genuinely interest me, I’ve started discovering some amazing music I wouldn’t have otherwise. First among the collection is this, from a collaboration event which happened in Swansea late-2011 – Phil Kieran, with dance track “I Can’t Stop”.

Interestingly, Phil is actually a Dubliner; my real self visited Dublin four years after starting University on holiday with family. Would seeing this artist have inspired me to go sooner in the AU…?


Rejuvinated NaNoWriMo page

The steady reclaimation of writing into my life is starting above!

Still nervous to find out what it says and doesn’t say, or if I’ll be able to stick it.

In terms of ‘In Search of Mose Ogurek’, which is a novel project I’m also keen to do, I’m giving myself more time to develop the idea and theory behind it, considering the poignant and imaginative natures of the subject.

Not long until November! Hallowe’en will be a butt-clenching night for unusual reasons.