“The Stranger, Mr. Whitfield” – Forming the Playlist I

The best kind of writing leads you to discover new things you love – and this writing project is already treating me.

During November each day I’ll be (re)writing two months’ worth of biographical history, so as per NaNoWriMo’s recommendation I set about making a playlist to help trigger ideas. As I was something of a moth to a gig during my Undergraduate years, it made sense to figure out which bands my parallel self might’ve gone to see in Swansea as a student; this would include figuring out which ones from my real timeline I still would’ve gone too and where I would’ve gone somewhere entirely new.

So far the latter has been a pleasent challenge – insofar as searching back through gig listings and reviews from five years ago can lead you down a labyrinth of dud webpages and weird adverts, but when I’ve found gigs that have happened in the area that would genuinely interest me, I’ve started discovering some amazing music I wouldn’t have otherwise. First among the collection is this, from a collaboration event which happened in Swansea late-2011 – Phil Kieran, with dance track “I Can’t Stop”.

Interestingly, Phil is actually a Dubliner; my real self visited Dublin four years after starting University on holiday with family. Would seeing this artist have inspired me to go sooner in the AU…?


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