18:12 (‘The Other Mr. Whitfield’) – i

'What's that track again? The one that goes like this?' He tried to drum out the tune but resorting to queasy humming when he couldn't manage. 'Ah! That's Tchaikovsky, the 1812. It was written to commemorate a victory for the Russians,' Paul explained, bringing in the Scotch and Marshmallows. A little after that time I … Continue reading 18:12 (‘The Other Mr. Whitfield’) – i


The Courage of Lions [vi]

Not for the squeamish ~ When he opened his eyes, his eyelids slid open too fast, with not even a hint of muscular release, and it felt absurd, an alien sensation. The air around Othneil felt cold and hard. It was only then he realised whence he came had had no temperature, or reflected his … Continue reading The Courage of Lions [vi]

The Courage of Lions [v]

A haunting metronome clicking ran deep through Othneil’s jugular, down his lungs and through to the quivering edge of his bowel. It sounded like a timepiece without the precise regularity, as if Othneil could tell when the cogs and gears were rattled about. Melting into the spot where he stood, he tried to ascertain a … Continue reading The Courage of Lions [v]