Nanowrimo ‘17: Race (to the end…)

Geoff was sure this was the end. He was now being stolen away with a rogue team of robotics, which had been a delirious and unaware decision, having only just come into consciousness. Behind them, no doubt, was a team of expert robotic assassins. He was their bartering chip, though somehow he thought his value … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: Race (to the end…)


Nanowrimo ‘17: Onyx

Janet and Juniper stood atop the bridge clasping flasks. Three months had passed since the first Windego incident on the town steps. 'It's really quite delightful,' Juniper giggled. 'Oh, the coffee?' Janet shook her flask and took a hasty sip. Juniper nodded, mimicking the motion. 'I don't know how you haven't tried it before. This … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: Onyx

Nanowrimo ‘17: Lean

In the ghostly breeze between moments, Geoff's mind went back to the visits to the Zoo. To the ethos of survival. He remembered one creature in particular, the only one he could think would survive in a place where sacrifice was the only option. He thought of the Horned Lizard. The Horned Lizard's unique method … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: Lean

Nanowrimo ‘17: The Root Network

Geoff's fingers became knotted as he tried to reel back, and it became more apparent that these were not bloodied roots but fingers. They gripped Geoff tight but he could feel no firm fingers; it was all tendons and shoots, as if the hand had become one with the earth. Geoff pulled back harder still, … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: The Root Network

Nanowrimo ‘17: Girl

In one swift movement, Wolf writhed aggressively in Mrs Tern's swinging grasp, so that her gaping mouth connected not with the soft flesh of her chin but with the spiny protrusions of her collarbone. The assailant yelled out as the rusted metal pierced deep into the roof of her mouth, giving Wolf enough time to … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: Girl

Nanowrimo ‘17: The Terns

Janet was about to thrash away everyone in her vicinity when she saw the father Tern crushed into the floor. On top of him, using fingers protruded with needles to pierce deep into his skin, was a lady who looked like she’d taken herself apart just to shrink herself down. She proceeded to perform a … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: The Terns

Nanowrimo ‘17: One Month

Inside the sparse hideaway the shattered porcelain of the cup was reflected in the splintered bone clustered to the corners of the room. Uneven rings of acidic-coloured fluid tinged with deep maroon coated the floor and bones as if a chef of olden times had drizzled it generously to make the bland interior more appetising. … Continue reading Nanowrimo ‘17: One Month