“Pandapa”, the Sock Panda: #25yearsonearth

(For those on my Instagram, you might see me posting a lot of digitally ‘rejuvenated’ images at the moment as I approach the big 25, along with quotes or references to old stories I’ve written that I’m fond of. Despite being a favourite character of sorts, this fella never had a proper story, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.)

Sock Pandas start out how you would picture a conventional sock; in order to become fully fledged mammalian replicas, they need to fill themselves with whatever things they can find before sewing themselves up. It cannot be scraps and junk, however: Sock Pandas pride themselves on their absolute personalities, so need stuffing made of one particular kind of material only. For some, it may be small plastic beans as is conventional; others like organic stuffing like scrunched leaves or wooden beads. This Sock Panda, though, chose books – or, more precisely, the chewed up pages of unwanted books, left unread in bars and dusty libraries. Sock Pandas typically name themselves “Pan-” while adding their respective innards in keeping with their pride, so Panbean, or Panleaf. This Sock Panda did not entertain being called Panpaper, which sounded silly to him, so called himself Pandapa instead (it rolled off the tongue and he was sure he’d heard a cool word like it when he was still a sock).

The innards of a Sock Panda have a great influence on their character. You could therefore imagine that Pandapa’s personality greatly confused him to start… you see, Pandapa had done the right thing in only stuffing himself with old books to be consistent, but he loved reading so much he had neglected to stuff himself with the same book. So, where a Sock Panda might cleverly have stuffed himself full of JM Barrie to behave like Peter Pan, or Mary Shelley to act like Frankenstein, Pandapa grew up to find himself at the mercy of all the different characters he had eaten. Everyone from Dracula, to Tom Thumb, to Huckleberry Finn… wasn’t life confusing! Though Pandapa had yet, despite not realising it, adopted a heroine personality on his travels. That was about to change, and that in turn would change everything…

To be continued…!

(Just an idea, but it’s worth a try!)


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