Function AU: Well…

*SPOILER ALERT for original Function series!* Also contains scenes of a graphic nature.

With ease, his vein-and-muscle minions wrestled Gordon’s former brother into the mulch, and he listened to him quietly suffocating under the choking world.

Strangely, he couldn’t bring himself to eat his brother, or even retrieve the remains for later. It shouldn’t have mattered: Gordon was famished of blood, and Geoff hadn’t exactly been family to him in his last moments together. Yet some strange silly notion of brotherhood had kept him from…

No. No, it wasn’t that. Geoff had that lingering taste of tar on his skin, the once or twice Gordon had actually chowed down on him to aid his submission. It reminded him of that tower he first spotted Geoff in. Gordon had thought at first that someone as meek as his sibling has stumbled in there for shelter, but if there were chemical traces on him, that meant the bastard was working with the Robotics.

Who knows what he might have been contaminated with? At least my bites didn’t burst any vessels.

The wiry servants Gordon had fashioned sunk back into the ground, sensing their masters’ growing bitterness and frustration. The upgraded scum could know all about him know, depending on how long Geoff had been around them and how much he had told. That lot were like bounty hunters: they would to find and butcher Gordon before they even heard a whisper of Geoff’s demise.

But who should he go after?

From seeing them in that tower, and checking the descriptions past one of those families who had risen high in the flesh-eating side of the new world, Gordon was aware of the three companions Geoff had now apparently had.

Once was Yeti, a huge, bumbling but technically gifted beast with a knack of excruciating acts of compressing limbs.

The seemingly honcho guy was Copper, who despite the adaptations to the head seemed the weakest of the three.

But above all of them for Gordon was the Wolf, so they called her. For the other flesheaters who he didn’t despise – or who didn’t despise him – there was a notable reputation surrounding the Wolf. Her apparently acidic fingers had caught many old friends off-guard. Gordon deeply longed to get this threat out of the way. It was hard to trust anyone, especially now human beings as they were continued to be eradicated so that only the flesheaters and robotics were left. But to have an omnipotent assassin on his back aswell? That was unforgivable of the opposing side.

The only condition was that Gordon knew she was probably faster than him, as stories went. So he needed either an ally or a trap.

And his intended former had just sunk into the blood-drenched mud.

This post is in preparation for an experiment to turn Function into a visual novel game. It explores one narrative avenue away from the original ‘Function I’ plot. Stay tuned for a few more narratives coming soon!


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