Function AU: Rail

*SPOILER ALERT for original Function series!*

Also contains strong language.

Janet took one look back at the trashed bus stops and trashier inhabitants, then a longer look at this bizarre device.

She had been so long without a phone – and that had been for a reason. They, her, we had been the reason. But she was considering taking it to someone to help decipher it.

And for what? For them to destroy it with their dirty digits and minds, like every other phone that there had been?

Fuck that.

The powers that be could still be writhing inside their puppets, opening and shutting their jaws with strings in their guts. They had vanished but nobody knew where. There and then, Janet decided she didn’t need to find out the hard way. She had a companion more valuable than any human now, and she and it could go it alone.

This wasn’t just a device for apps and hastily hidden erotica anymore. A mobile phone was information, personified. How much could she do with the power of knowledge?

First, Janet could get the fuck out of here. The footage she couldn’t decipher yet, but she was pretty sure the mobile masts remained intact so that the powers that be, wherever they were, could monitor the dwindling masses unhindered. Janet could use those masts to log online and find videos to reactivate the dead Trains in the outskirts of town, far beyond the Zoo were she knew a lot of vicious eaters were. Then again, the Train Station itself would be crawling with them, so she’d have to find a locomotive that had been abandoned before it had reached the station. She could well imagine that the eaters would’ve been desperate for meat anywhere, and would happily gamble that they hadn’t waited for every vehicle to reach its platform.

Second, most important of all, she could shit on the powers that be a tonne faster than any bonehead in this graveyard of a world.

Janet started her long-awaited career as a renegade with a step to the North.

This post is in preparation for an experiment to turn Function into a visual novel game. It explores one narrative avenue away from the original ‘Function I’ plot. Stay tuned for a few more narratives coming soon!


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