#25yearsonearth: Jane (Cracked Pins/The Lifters) Short

"This is the year I stick around," Jane mused to herself. It was a promise she made herself every year around Christmas, though never the same date around Christmas and almost never on the day itself. Despite feeling the need of routine to prove her point, the rest of her existence had become utterly detached … Continue reading #25yearsonearth: Jane (Cracked Pins/The Lifters) Short


“Pandapa”, the Sock Panda: #25yearsonearth

(For those on my Instagram, you might see me posting a lot of digitally 'rejuvenated' images at the moment as I approach the big 25, along with quotes or references to old stories I've written that I'm fond of. Despite being a favourite character of sorts, this fella never had a proper story, so I … Continue reading “Pandapa”, the Sock Panda: #25yearsonearth

Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018

Hi there everyone, What a year. Life, physically and creatively, has continued to relentlessly surprise and challenge. I've met some amazing people in the process, both online and in-person; everlasting thanks goes to you who follow me on this site, as many of you are consistently reading and liking my bizarre writings and drawings, and … Continue reading Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018

Birth of the Mechanoid: Recording Day #1

Today was the first of two days of recording/producing 'Birth of the Mechanoid', an EP about the slings and arrows of workaholicism. For once I've been (positively) drained for the benefit of creativity, not to the detriment of it. Now to spontaneously natter about it. Two hours ago I returned home after a solid day … Continue reading Birth of the Mechanoid: Recording Day #1

Lilith: Inspirational Biographical Encounter

This is a real-life meeting, told more or less truth-for-truth. However, the character this person will inspire will be amalgamated with fictional concepts. “Why is it so busy here?” Lilith whispered to her friend as she sat down. “They’ve closed a few Underground lines, apparently,” I answered, both of them looking at me. The jostling … Continue reading Lilith: Inspirational Biographical Encounter

A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!

I suppose this post is a thank you to WordPressers and WordPress itself, the only website aside from Tumblr to give me notifications when I hit a certain target for likes, follows and posts. Especially as those notifications contain medals which appeal to the colour-drive stimuli in my brain! Now, if there were only a … Continue reading A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!