In Search of Mosu Ogurek, II… (Holocaust Memorial Day)

Last night I uploaded this as a little taster of the creative processes currently in motion for my creative piece on Holocaust awareness and identity – hoping to adopt different narrative styles to my Dissertation piece. Usually these sort of things would have been released or used on Holocaust Memorial Day, but with my creative processes running at different rates I thought it may be more of an opportunity to focus my mind, hence beginning this next significant step in the creative process.


Rejuvinated NaNoWriMo page

The steady reclaimation of writing into my life is starting above!

Still nervous to find out what it says and doesn’t say, or if I’ll be able to stick it.

In terms of ‘In Search of Mose Ogurek’, which is a novel project I’m also keen to do, I’m giving myself more time to develop the idea and theory behind it, considering the poignant and imaginative natures of the subject.

Not long until November! Hallowe’en will be a butt-clenching night for unusual reasons.

Dedicated remix for Jaz & the Genesis created!

While continuing to finish the second part of Jaz & the Genesis, I’ve done so with a dedicated playlist which I’ve now made into a trial DJ Mix, encouraged by friends and family into trying it out. I’ve also kindly been allowed to post it on the University Radio page where I tried hosting a show for a little while….!

I hope this satiates while I gathering more drawing speed again. There’s lots coming soon!

Close but no cigar…! Jaz & the Genesis to be release tomorrow after unexpected stuff.

With three minutes to the midnight hour, it’s safe to say I’ve missed the intended release date for Jaz & the Genesis due to postgraduate things of various sorts today – although I got damn close! I’m four pages away from finishing the final stage – turning my scribbled writing into legible font. So, safe to say, I will return to my task tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and post it up over the weekend.

Nearly but not quite

Lesson learnt – no more setting myself release dates, as I seem to be terrible at accommodating for the unexpected! It’ll be progress updates from now on.