Dude the Obscure


Head menu for the musical endeavours of Dude the Obscure.


Dude the Obscure is a Solo Musician, Slam Poet and Physical Performance Artist with Autism, originally fundraising on behalf of Ambitious about Autism and consequentally raising awareness on Autism and mental health. Like the condition itself, the style is far removed from convention; combining Trumpet, Synths, a medley of Drumming styles and Puppetry with Dance and words of a thoughtful nature to create a ska-dance-punk-indie fusion like no other. Expect mind-boggling but highly crowd-orientated live sessions and casual undertones of hysteria. The musical content celebrates, rages for, and contemplates issues such as mental health and the life of a workaholic, persecution and the dangers of traversing writing’s more hypocritical borders.

Discography/Project Chronology:

  1. Formerly Serengeti Poodles; Dude the Obscure [2012]
  2. Some of the Different [2013]
  3. More of the Different [2014]
  4. Dude the Obscure Originals Revamp [2016]
  5. Creating a Moment Live Session [2016]
  6. Birth of the Mechanoid [2017]
  7. Multi-purpose Dysfunction [???]
  8. The Mechanoid [???]

There is also a menu for miscellany, i.e. covers, demos, poetry etc…