Dude the Obscure, 2012/Revamp ’15-16: Serengeti Poodle’s Dude the Obscure

DTO-ReRelease album

Formerly under the name Serengeti Poodles, the posthumously self-titled album Dude the Obscure was first released on a very small scale at my University (of St. Mark & St. John) in 2012, before a few tracks from that album were remastered in 2015 ahead of going on an extended open mic run as the rejuvenated Dude the Obscure. Here you can find a selection of music videos from the original, links to the Soundcloud and videos of the revamps and a live recording of Dude the Obscure being performed live at the University for an Ambitious about Autism fundraising gig in 2013, released here for the first time.


  1. Album
    1. Hyperdration [’16]
    2. Descent [’16]
    3. Day Dazzle [’12]
    4. Beings [Live]
    5. Live 3.3.13
      1. Frenzy
      2. Do Something Useless [Poem]
      3. Punkupine
      4. The Ward [Poem]
      5. Sunny (A Hot Day in Australia)
      6. Interhyperstellar
      7. Beings
      8. Das Obst der Europa
  2. Videos
    1. Punkupine (Live Anniversary Video)
    2. Punkupine (Original Autism Awareness Video)
    3. Punkupine (Drums)
    4. Telescopic
    5. Telescopic (Live)
    6. Beings


2015 Editions

2012 Editions

Beings V.II [Live at Livewire, Saltash 3.3.16]

Live 3.3.2013, University of St. Mark & St. John (Frenzy, Do Something Useless, Punkupine, The Ward, Sunny (Hot Day in Australia), Interhyperstellar, Beings, Das Obst der Europa)