Dude the Obscure, ’13-14: Some of the Different & More of the Different

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Conceptually, the title is justified – these recordings set out to be radically different from the original electro/ska sound of Dude the Obscure, and each song radically different from each other, striking out against the preconception that follow-up albums are too often ‘more of the same’.

Still under the guise of Serengeti Poodles, more considered work came from four years of writing, recording and development in a homemade basement studio in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, to create More of the Different. Originally intended as an album upon embarkation in 2011, several rehashes and crises of confidence turned it into Some of the Different, an EP released early to preview the sound, followed by a psuedo-album divided into three. This was the first series of Dude the Obscure recordings to include Poems, recorded live as Slam and in-studio, as well as poetry-dance fusions Schadenfreude Masochism and Lost Elegy. Some music videos have already been created for these songs, but truth be told more are waiting to be finished. Some of the Different also marked the proper introduction of Slam Poetry into the fray, with two recorded sessions for Autism awareness at local schools incorporated at the end, with a third poem to come at the latter end of More of the Different and inspiring a song/poem infusion in Schadenfreude Masochism.

Below are links to the collections on Soundcloud, along with what artistic material there currently is going with them. Though officially all released, More of the Different may well be a project which spawns more material for time to come.


Some of the Different

  1. Link to Soundcloud – embed malfunctioning
  2. Show Your Bones [2015 Update]
  3. The Popcorn Hunter [Radio Edit for 2015 Tour]

More of the Different [Collect]

  1. Sidling
  2. Collectivism
  3. Millions!
  4. Schadenfreude Masochism
  5. Sidling Music Video
  6. Collectivism Music Video

More of the Different [Release]

  1. Release
  2. Mango
  3. Rotation
  4. Evergreen, i & ii [Poem]
  5. Release Music Video
  6. Rotation Transposed to Trumpet – Music Video [for 2015 Tour]

More of the Different [Lost Chorus Single]

  1. Lost Chorus

Some of the Different EP

Full EP here

More of the Different [Collect]

More of the Different [Release]

More of the Different [Lost Chorus]