Hi there!

You’ve probably come here from Instagram or other social media, where I’ve been promoting the Autism fundraising of a lovely friend of mine, ‘Sense-Aware’. They’re raising funds to purchase bespoke sensory equipment for those with Autism who wouldn’t be able to get it themselves; alongside creativity, autism awareness is my other lung, so this is a really good chance to combine the two in some fundraising. That’s why I’m donating commissioned Pokémon illustrations to help raise funds for their project!

Their fundraising page is here:

Click here to donate to Sense-Aware

When you donate, please leave the following in the comments box:

  • The phrase ” #poképost
  • Your name (first name or online name will do)
  • A means of contacting you – email, post, social media etc.
  • 1-2 Pokémon you’d like me to draw for you

And I’ll get to work drawing them to send to you, electronically or via post! I’m not putting a minimum amount on myself, but please be generous – it’s an essential and selfless cause.

Here are some examples below – I look forward to hearing from you all soon! x