Cracked Pins is one part of a collaborative graphic novel Universe with lifelong co-writer William ‘Word’ Smith. The ‘Imagined’ Universe features Cracked Pins, The Lifters, Vigil and many more sides yet to be revealed; Cracked Pins and The Lifters work in tandem and follow the part of our world where our emotions, concepts and imaginations are manifested into physical abilities and creatures… for better or for worse.

Among these pages you will find the books themselves, canon in terms of the Imagined Universe and basic (i.e. relatively spoiler-free) character bios. There will also be news and updates about when new stuff is released, so you’ll have a fair idea of good times to check back and find new stuff!


JAZ and THE GENESIS (Part One)


Cracked Pins//The Lifters (Chapter One)

Jaz and The Genesis (Part Two)


Cracked Pins//The Lifter (Chapter Two)

Cracked Pins & The Rise of Margaret [Working Title]

Cracked Pins: Serpentwin [Working Title]

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