Pokémon Bury & Rise: Main Page (Contents)


Welcome to Revuva!

Pokémon Bury & Rise, following from regions of Japan, America, France and now the Hawaiian Islands inspiring the maps of the games, models itself on the United Kingdom and features concept Pokémon inspired by friends and fans of the series. I’ve spent a lifetime drawing designs for Pokémon as a creative channel for my autism; where playing the games was once an unhealthy obsession, I now use that interest to hone my illustration skills and tutor myself in map, plot and coding development.

Started with the release of Generation VI, this project is far from finished, but there’s plenty enough to share for the time being. I’ve not revealed where each fictional town is in reference to the U.K., but those who have visited may be able to see some clues. Similarly, the nature of the enemy team may also be recognisable to some…

Chapter Listing

Chapter One – Introduction & Starter Pokémon

Chapter Two – Opening Routes

Chapter Three – First Gym and Cities of Professors

All Pokémon featured not created by me are owned by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Creatures, Inc., 1996-2016 and are not used for profit. All other Pokémon, maps and character designs are (C) Jak Whitfield/JakSpeedy Illustrator 2014-2016.