Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018

Hi there everyone, What a year. Life, physically and creatively, has continued to relentlessly surprise and challenge. I've met some amazing people in the process, both online and in-person; everlasting thanks goes to you who follow me on this site, as many of you are consistently reading and liking my bizarre writings and drawings, and … Continue reading Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018


Jaz & the Genesis ~ obscure powers…!

A little image bank from the Jaz & Genesis trailer... introducing three of the imagined symbols influencing the characters in the plot! What inner power do they source, and what does it unleash....? (Imagined symbol concepts by William 'Word' Smith​ of The Word Whispers blog, when we reveal it!) The mysterious eyes of an unknown … Continue reading Jaz & the Genesis ~ obscure powers…!

CRACKED PINS/The LIFTERS – Available to order online!!

https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/206630249/cracked-pinsthe-lifters-fantasy-graphic Cracked Pins/Lifters collaboration is now online! 🙂 I've also reinstated Fudge's listing, as Etsy kindly reminded me of its presence by removing it. But hey ho! My shop has been revived to it's former glory. Remember to check out my co-writer's blog, if you haven't yet! >> https://thewordwhispers.wordpress.com/

A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!

I suppose this post is a thank you to WordPressers and WordPress itself, the only website aside from Tumblr to give me notifications when I hit a certain target for likes, follows and posts. Especially as those notifications contain medals which appeal to the colour-drive stimuli in my brain! Now, if there were only a … Continue reading A sneaky preview award for lovely WordPressers!

A somewhat excitable update from rainy weekends…

Good evening! It's all gone a little quiet here, but I'm currently scribbling furiously to get a handful of projects done and dusted for autumn-ish release.First is the sequel to FUDGE which if you buy you will see previewed on the last page! That's due for release in October, and in the meantime there'll be … Continue reading A somewhat excitable update from rainy weekends…