Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018

Hi there everyone, What a year. Life, physically and creatively, has continued to relentlessly surprise and challenge. I've met some amazing people in the process, both online and in-person; everlasting thanks goes to you who follow me on this site, as many of you are consistently reading and liking my bizarre writings and drawings, and … Continue reading Jak Whitfield Creative in 2018


18:12 (‘The Other Mr. Whitfield’) – i

'What's that track again? The one that goes like this?' He tried to drum out the tune but resorting to queasy humming when he couldn't manage. 'Ah! That's Tchaikovsky, the 1812. It was written to commemorate a victory for the Russians,' Paul explained, bringing in the Scotch and Marshmallows. A little after that time I … Continue reading 18:12 (‘The Other Mr. Whitfield’) – i

Birth of the Mechanoid: Recording Day #1

Today was the first of two days of recording/producing 'Birth of the Mechanoid', an EP about the slings and arrows of workaholicism. For once I've been (positively) drained for the benefit of creativity, not to the detriment of it. Now to spontaneously natter about it. Two hours ago I returned home after a solid day … Continue reading Birth of the Mechanoid: Recording Day #1

“The Stranger, Mr. Whitfield” – Forming the Playlist I

The best kind of writing leads you to discover new things you love - and this writing project is already treating me. During November each day I'll be (re)writing two months' worth of biographical history, so as per NaNoWriMo's recommendation I set about making a playlist to help trigger ideas. As I was something of … Continue reading “The Stranger, Mr. Whitfield” – Forming the Playlist I

Dedicated remix for Jaz & the Genesis created!

While continuing to finish the second part of Jaz & the Genesis, I've done so with a dedicated playlist which I've now made into a trial DJ Mix, encouraged by friends and family into trying it out. I've also kindly been allowed to post it on the University Radio page where I tried hosting a … Continue reading Dedicated remix for Jaz & the Genesis created!